It goes without saying that we owe a lot to the many talented people we have had the pleasure of working with. Our clients are much more to us than people whom we provide content and services for. We view them as creative individuals just like ourselves, with whom we have established a partnership in creating content to captivate and inspire others. Every person whom we have worked with has been just as much of an asset to us as we hope to have been to them. That is why we created ShutterStinct Showcase, a place where you can meet those whom we have worked with, and discover all of their great content.


July 2017 - Sloan Spivey

For our first ever ShutterStinct Showcase video, we were excited to catch some footage of drift racer and auto enthusiast, Sloan Spivey, who was working on getting his 350z into top performance for the road and track. Thanks for letting us film you working, Sloan, and we look forward to creating more content with you soon! 

"I started drifting two years ago just for the enjoyment. It slowly rearranged my life, becoming something I now have a deep passion for, and I couldn't imagine life without racing now. I'm excited to see where it takes me in the future."
-Sloan Spivey

June 2017 - Ryan FOrd

We are proud to introduce another member of the Shutterstinct client family, Ryan Ford. In this Showcase video, Logan captures some incredible footage of Ryan taking his custom 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI on the road.

"[My GTI] is lowered 2.5 inches on racing coil-overs, with front fenders rolled to prevent wheel rub wile turning. I've got huge plans for this car, and I'm piecing it together little by little."
-Ryan Ford




May 2017 - Brett Miciek (Many Mammals)

Having the opportunity to work with Brett on the music video for his single "Proteus" was an experience to remember. Meeting a musician with the vision, talent, and dedication of artists twice his age was awe-inspiring, and we hope his music is someday heard around the world.

"Old soul, odd songs."
-Many Mammals