We are proud to present Polyrhythmium, the music division of Shutterstinct. A network of talented and unsigned artists to collaborate with one another and grow. Mixing and mastering services for your next project, or an original score for your film. The possibilities are endless, and it all starts with you.



Omega - "Nothing Is Broken, Only Changed By Time"


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In his sophomore effort, Omega delves deeper into the drone and tape loop sound explored on "Tapes," crafting an eerie and often beautiful soundscape of compositions revolving around the central idea of change brought about by the passage of time. All of the sounds heard on this album come from various sources, including cassette tape loops (some made from childhood home recordings created as far back as 23 years ago), field recordings (captured on a portable cassette machine), and unusual experiments with instruments (the bowed guitar heard on Miasma and Erased in Our Space-Time). 

Omega - "TApes"


The debut album from Omega, aka Mason Guevara of Shutterstinct/Polyrhythmium. Originally developed as three EP's, "Tapes" features eleven cinematic ambient compositions consisting of a combination of digital instruments, cassette tape loops, and field recordings.