We are proud to present Polyrhythmium, the music division of Shutterstinct. A network of talented and unsigned artists to collaborate with one another and grow. Mixing and mastering services for your next project, or an original score for your film. The possibilities are endless, and it all starts with you.




"This is the trilogy of anger and rage, triple revenge intense / let my f***ing immigrants in" mouths off a fiercer and more politically-charged than usual Victor Mariachi in this new video assembled by Mason from the hundreds of video clips captured by the artist himself and his father in their family home and on the poverty-stricken streets of Mexico. While all credits for the music go to Victor and multi-talented producer and composer, [izo] (Colin Lacativa), we hope you'll feel a bit of the power and presense of Polyrhythmium and Victor's own SCARmerica label united in this 90s-inspired video.

From Victor Mariachi's debut album "WEAPONS OF OUR ANCESTORS" produced by [izo].

SAINT - "THE KEY" (2018)

The first major release by American metal act, Saint (Nicolas St. Peter). Featuring vocals by Hunter Harrison (@driverseat_deathcore) of Instagram fame, this track, proudly mastered here at Polyrhythmium, packs a punch with massive and powerful choruses and unmatched flow throughout. The accompanying lyric video, created by Mason Guevara, was notably our first project shot entirely in true 2:35:1 aspect ratio, using a late-1970s German ISCO anamorphic lens mounted on a Helios 44-2 taking lens.


The Falling Before the Rise is a reworked version of an unreleased track from the NIBOCBT sessions, accompanied by an experimental video directed by Mason Guevara. The video was shot using a Petzval-modified Helios 44M-4 Soviet lens, which creates the dreamy bokeh-heavy look in camera, without any additional digital effects. The song itself is was created entirely using randomly cut up and mangled pieces of cassette tape fed directly into the tape head of a Yamaha MT4X recorder, as well as the usual assortment of tape loops and found sounds.

OMEGA - "The Tower" (2018)

Inspired by his recent collaborative efforts with fellow ambient artist, Loeco, Omega composed this track with the intent of uplifting the listener with powerful melodies and deeply embedded binaural tones which crescendo from near silence to monumental heights.

An exclusive bit of information for those of you who may keep tabs on this page, this track may or may not be included on an upcoming full-length release. ;)  



This breathtaking and soothing release was composed by Athens-based ambient artist, Loeco (Evan Dixon) and mastered to tape by Omega (Mason Guevara). The album's two compositions are comprised of live guitar loops, field recordings, brown noise, and various VST instruments. Artwork courtesy of Unsplash. 

Omega - Nothing Is Broken, Only Changed By Time (2017)


nibocbt cover.jpeg

In his sophomore effort, Omega delves deeper into the drone and tape loop sound explored on "Tapes," crafting an eerie and often beautiful soundscape of compositions revolving around the central idea of change brought about by the passage of time. All of the sounds heard on this album come from various sources, including cassette tape loops (some made from childhood home recordings created as far back as 23 years ago), field recordings (captured on a portable cassette machine), and unusual experiments with instruments (the bowed guitar heard on Miasma and Erased in Our Space-Time). 

Omega - TApes (2017)


The debut album from Omega, aka Mason Guevara of Shutterstinct/Polyrhythmium. Originally developed as three EP's, "Tapes" features eleven cinematic ambient compositions consisting of a combination of digital instruments, cassette tape loops, and field recordings.